Two audacious people learn to overcome the standards set by society and achieve their own happiness.

Release: 2020

What Changed Me

Created for students during The Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY).

SIFFY 2019 theme “Colours”

Release: 2019


In Havana of the 90's, two teenagers play a chess match. As they play they explore their social differences, and discover their true reality.

Release: 2018

Like Everyone Else

The documentary steam from the creative process behind the development of Fluorescent Moon, a theater play performed and direct by blind individuals.


A look at the theatrical art from inside, addressing diversity, demystification and disability awareness.

Release: 2018

The Cure

Sombras Que Buscan Luz

Documentaries made in Cuba. Shadows that seek light presents Lino Tomasen, a man who is able to cure with his hands any disease with his strength and energy that makes him a unique person.

Documental realizado en Cuba./Sombras que buscan luz presenta a Lino Tomasen, un hombre que es capaz de curar con sus manos cualquier enfermedad por mortal que sea, la fuerza y la energía que posee lo convierten en un ser único.

Release: 2013